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Dog Days Records ‎ DD-001 Vinyl, LP  Daily Planets : Xeni  Well Spotted : World domination enterprises  Subside (3) : Hulk  Greedy Guts : Tanked up  Abdomens : W.2.T.M.  Exsonant : Orient  Belly Button : Fit to drop  Robin Hoods Lire plus

Depist Age

No Records NR96002 CD  Tröms : Atomic Red Sun  Seven Hate : Afraid  Supercute (2) : Laxative ‘N’ Cherry  Robin’s Hood* : Running Heart – Performer [Credited In Booklet]  Robin’s Hoods*Recorded By  Michel Toledo  Dog Shop : I Want U Lire plus

Octobre 1993 Hard Ons, Boo Radleys, Treponem Pal, Pungy Sticks, Burma Shave, Deity Guns, Overflow, Mush, Unsane, Skippies, Cut The Navel String, Peace Love & Pittbulls, Dog Shop, DIT, Dickybird, Squawk It Up à Fontenay le Comte

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