Electric Noise – Compilation

21 Again Records ‎ Cassette  Drive Blind : Bad Memories (Live)  Cut The Navel String : It Doesn’t Matter  Concrete Idea : To Late Now  Shaking Dolls : Albert  The Vice Barons : The Witch  Kill The Thrill : I Lire plus

Octobre 1993 Hard Ons, Boo Radleys, Treponem Pal, Pungy Sticks, Burma Shave, Deity Guns, Overflow, Mush, Unsane, Skippies, Cut The Navel String, Peace Love & Pittbulls, Dog Shop, DIT, Dickybird, Squawk It Up à Fontenay le Comte

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Serial Killer Volume 1

Roadrunner Records ‎ RR 9060 2 CD, Compilation   Deity Guns – Vacuum Tubes Pore – Bonze (A – Mix) Treponem Pal – Nowhere Land (Bongo Mix) Cut The Navel String – Nux Vomica Razor Edge – Slices Of Death Lire plus